Hop Trial - Experimental Beer Line

Fan-favourite brewery Garage Project was launching a special project - trialling a set of brand new hop varieties developed by Plant & Food Research and New Zealand Hops. Hops so secret that they can't even be named. Seriously, I asked. GP wanted to match these new varieties to appropriate beer styles and release them to the drinking public. They would be put through rigorous testing, both in a working brewery setting and in the refined mouths of New Zealand's burgeoning beer aficionados. Flying Whities pitched a design approach that reflected the new lines mysterious scientific beginnings, would appeal to the true beer geek and get people involved in a true taste experiment. Putting aside the general designer-shtick of less-less-less, we asked the GP team for more info, more numbers, more science. And then we put it all on the can. 

Source: Packagingoftheworld

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